The Bal y Gay Festival was founded in 2014 in the small Galician town  of Nois, with the purpose of promoting musical education and sharing high quality experiences in a rural area with low accessibility to these types of events. This fourth edition of the festival will add a clarinet competition.

The project seeks to inspire the local community as well as the rest of music lovers in all of Galicia, to participate in this unique experience. We want the audience to become active participants in the entire process around this cultural event. We hope to foster the exchange of cultural experiences and give international visibility to the small village.

This year’s activities will be: a series of classical music concerts, a course of musical interpretation.

This Festival would´t be possible without the support of the Cultural Association of Nois and Foz´s Town Hall, working together to bring culture closer to the people in La Mariña and around all of Galicia